Community Drug Action Team


What is the Federation Community Drug Action Team (CDAT) Program?

The Federation CDAT is a NSW Health funded program, administered by Federation Council, supporting the development and implementation of primary prevention and harm minimisation activities. The program sits under the Federation Prevention Team for delivery.

What does the Federation Community Drug Action Team program aim to do?

Federation CDAT aims to:

  • Build strong partnerships amongst community members, local service providers and government and non-government organisations across a range of sectors by encouraging stakeholder and community engagement and participation.
  • Identify legal and illegal drug and alcohol related problems in the local community.
  • Increase community knowledge and awareness of legal and illegal drug and alcohol harms and related social, health and wellbeing problems.
  • Develop locally based initiatives to prevent uptake of illicit drug use, and the misuse of legal drugs and alcohol, in order to reduce drug and alcohol related harms.
  • Collaborate with a common goal in addressing local legal and illegal alcohol and other drug related issues.

Projects funded under the CDAT program include:

Federation 2021 alcohol & other drugs Think Tank.

The Federation Think Tank workshops aimed to understand;

  • What is already being successfully delivered within the Federation Council area to support the community in early interventions and addressing crisis situations.
  • What areas can we build on to further improve what we already have.
  • What issues and challenges exist.

A full report on the Think Tank can be downloaded from this page.