Access to Information - Informal Release

Informal release of information

If the information you require is not available on the website please contact us.  Under the GIPA Act, Federation Council can choose to release information without the need for a formal access application. Access via this path may still be subject to reasonable conditions such as photocopying charges. 

Request to initiate contact with adjoining property owner

At times it may be necessary to contact the owners of the property adjoining yours, for example:

  • to repair or replace an adjoining fence,
  • to discuss problems with, or plans to keep companion animals,
  • to discuss plans for building renovations or construction, 
  • to discuss overhanding branches or tree removal etc.

Purchasing property is not a valid reason for Council to facilitate this request.

Whilst Council seeks to protect the privacy of our customers at all times, and is legally unable to disclose this information without their permission, we are mindful of balancing this with the practical needs of the community. To initiate contact with your neighbour, please complete the form below and we will forward it on to the adjoining owner on your behalf. It will be up to the adjoining owner if they want to respond and it must be recognised that they are under no obligation to do so.  If you wish to attach a separate statement please ensure this is provided as a separate document and left unsealed. 

If your request is to purchase property or concerns a property that does not adjoin your property, Council is unable to assist. In these circumstances, you may wish to contact the NSW Land and Property Information on 1300 052 637 or

Request for information about Development Applications (DAs)
At times the public may request information concerning the following:
  • development applications and associated documents.
  • information concerning approvals, orders and other documents.
Please note that the following request for records can only be requested via a formal GIPA application.
  • records of decisions made before 1 July 2010 on development applications. 
  • development applications made before 1 July 2010 and any associated documents received in relation to the application.
Council may determine not to release certain information associated with DAs where the documents may contain personal information, where release might breach copyright legislation or pose a safety threat. 
Please note that all formal GIPA applications including requests for DA information prior to 1 July 2010, require a $30 application fee to be paid prior to processing your request.  An advance payment of up to 50% of the estimated processing charges may be required prior to release of records. The legislated processing time frame can be up to 30 days depending on the records requested and any consultation with third parties required.    
To request information relating to Development records after 1 July 2010, please complete the form below.