Event Planning, Approvals & Applications



Each event starts with an idea, inspired by your surroundings, discussions with your committee, your organisation or sometimes even friends around the camp fire. 

Bringing an event to life requires significant planning to overcome challenges that  may face.  

Event planning should cover 5 steps:

  • Event Concept - Why? What? Whom? When? Where? and Challenges 
  • Purpose of the event 
  • Feasibility 
  • Venue/Site Selection 
  • Timing 

Learn some quick tips about the initial event planning necessary for a successful event. 


Applications & Approvals 

Council is here to assist you.

Event organisers wishing to host events on Council owned or managed land will need to fill in an Events and Festival Application Form that outlines the details of the event.

To host an event on or in Council owned or managed land you will need the following;

  • Event Application form
  • Risk assessment appropriate for your event or function
  • Site Plan 
  • Public Liability insurance to a minimum amenity of $20 Million with Federation Council listed as an interested party 
  • Specific events that include amusement rides, entertainment, fireworks or road closures require some further more specific documentation 

We have provided an event management template that can be used to centralise all your event information.