Traffic Management & Road Events


If your event is likely to impede local traffic movement, Council will require a Traffic Management Application to be submitted. 

This will need to be reviewed at a Local Traffic Committee meeting. The committee is composed of four formal members each with one vote. These four members are a representative from Council, the NSW Police, Transport for NSW and the Local State Member of Parliament or their nominee.

Before the Local Traffic Committee can review the application, the Transport Management Plan template (see template below) and a Traffic Control Plan/s and risk assessment must be prepared.  

Please note: the local Traffic committee is an advisory body only, having no decision making power. It is primarily a technical review committee that is required to advise Council on traffic related matters referred to it by Council. 

We have supplied information about which events require traffic management or road closures and the forms in which will be relevant for event organisers, intended to close or detour on local roads.