Food Alcohol Entertainment Fireworks & Amusement Rides


Hosting an event with a range of aspects such as Food, Alcohol, Live Entertainment, Fireworks or Amusement rides makes the atmosphere at your event exciting. It is important however if these are additions to your event, that you understand the legal obligations required as an Event Organiser. 

  • Food Businesses need to be registered with Federation Council, all staff associated with food service need to have food handling certificates and appropriate Covid safety plans do need to be complete by food businesses

  • Alcohol requires additional licensing and approvals from local authorities as well as RSA qualified staff in service and free water available on site. 

  • Live entertainment can included the need for a commercial music license to ensure there are no copy right or infringements on the rights of artists, public liability insurance and a risk assessment. 

  • Fireworks need appropriate public liability insurance and a qualified Pyrotechnician to complete the works who will complete an appropriate risk assessment and register with Safe Work NSW. 

  • Amusement rides need to have an appropriate log book, public liability insurance and risk assessments completed

Please scroll through the lists in which we have created to explain details for adding the above aspects to your event. 

We are here to help, so if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.