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By the Banks, Federation Youth Council, Mural Project Mulwala

Federation Youth Council in conjunction with Federation Council are excited to announce a new mural project set to be complete in Apex Park, Mulwala. 

Federation Youth Council have been working alongside Street Artist Samuel Hall to create a mural on the banks of Lake Mulwala at Apex Park.

The project will involve the creation of a mural covering two sides of the Apex Park public toilet block that tells a local story and educates youth and visitors on the  historic local story of the Mulwala area. The mural reflects the bringing together of the long history of the banks of the Murray River, with past stories of community togetherness and looking for an inclusive, educating future as one. 

The Mural design incorporates Mary Jane Rose, the Grandmother of Mulwala who resided once arriving in Australia in Wahgunyah, moving to Savernake and later settling in Mulwala. Mary was the local nurse and midwife, often walking to towns surrounding Mulwala to deliver babies for many locals. As the local nurse, Mary cared for the sick throughout the region prior to a doctor settling in Yarrawonga. Over 3 generations of families benefited from Mary’s kindness, strength and care.

Mulwala, is the Bangerang name for a White Bellied Sea Eagle, which is also represented in the mural design, which was passed to Council by the late Uncle Freddie Dowling. The eagle is an animal which symbolises the links to the local traditional owners of the land, connecting the strength of the community and kindness Mary represents for the local township of Mulwala today. Symbolic and flora features are carried throughout the design to encompass past and present flowers and plants used in traditional Bangerang medicine and cuisine, that can still be found throughout the region today. 

The project is set to commence in early April and is expected to be completed by May 2022.  

Once complete, the project will create a unique space that attracts further visitation to Apex Park, encourages outdoor play and fosters a sense of community pride. 

Download the concept design from bottom of this page.