Federation Youth Council


What does the Federation Youth Council do?

The Federation Youth Council is an advisory committee of Council that aims to represent and advocate the opinions, issues and concerns of young people across the Federation area. 

The Federation Youth Council provides a forum for young people to express their views, advise Council on youth-related issues, and help organise youth driven and focused events and activities.

Role of the Federation Youth Council

Specific duties of the Federation Youth Council includes the following:

  • Prepare for, attend and participate in meetings and other planned activities. Attendance can be in person or via a communication platform such as phone or video conferencing.
  • Discuss issues that affect young people.
  • Provide advice to Council on how these issues can be addressed.
  • Take an active role in communicating the views of young people from across the Council area.
  • Provide support to Council in promoting greater awareness and understanding of issues that affect young people.
  • Provide guidance, advice and feedback to the Federation Council on proposed youth developments for the area.
  • Respond to requests for input into and/or feedback on Council strategies, projects and programs.
  • Develop, organise and implement youth-driven and focused initiatives for young people.
  • Assist in the organisation of an annual Youth Week event or activity.

Why be a Youth Councillor?

Youth Councillors:

  • Develop employability skills such as leadership, interpersonal, creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Learn hands-on skills in project conception and development, teamwork, business relationships, and public speaking.
  • Design and implement creative community projects of their own choosing.
  • Develop a greater understanding of and make meaningful connections with their community.
  • Are mentored and supported by Councillors, Council staff and community leaders.

When does the Federation Youth Council meet?

Council acknowledges that travel between townships is sometimes difficult, especially for youth, so this year we have introduced the ability to attend meetings by video conferencing, or alternatively by alternating meeting locations between towns.

Members can join face to face or via video conferencing.

Who are members of this committee? 

Become a Youth Councillor today.

To nominate, complete the online application form below.

Current Membership Vacancies 

The committee currently has five vacant Youth Councillor positions.

If you would like discuss a matter or have an idea for the Federation Youth Council, please contact Council.

Download the Federation Youth Council Terms of Reference, Position Description and Nomination Form (Word accessible) from this page or complete the online Nomination Form below.

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