Corowa Saleyards Management Update

Published on 23 November 2021


The Corowa Saleyards is owned and managed by Federation Council and has been operating for more than sixty years.

The Corowa Saleyards has experienced consistent market growth over the last twenty years, at a time when the industry has faced a number of challenges including the impact of long term drought.

Recent upgrades to the facility, access and transport linkage improvements and strong management has ensured the Corowa
Saleyards is one of the most highly regarded and utilised livestock facilities.
The Corowa Saleyards Management Team would like to provide the following updates in respect to its ongoing operations.
COVID-19 Staged Pathway Back
The Corowa Saleyards is committed to its diligence in maintaining a COVID-19 free environment to enable continued operations.
Currently, the Saleyards are still operating at Stage 3 Restrictions of the COVID-19 Staged Pathway Back.
Restrictions will ease to Stage 4 only when Council receives advice that it is able to do so. Further updates will be provided regularly to stakeholders on the requirements under this plan. 
Last Sale Day of the Year Update
The management team at the Corowa Saleyards would also like to notify the public that the last sheep sale for this year will be held on Monday 13 December. 
The first sale for the new year is scheduled to take place on Monday 10 January 2022.
The Saleyards Management team would like to thank all stakeholders for their support during 2021 and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 
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