Roadside Firewood Collection Permits

Residents in the Federation Council area can apply to obtain a permit to collect firewood from road reserves for home heating during winter. 

Wood can be collected from a limited number of low conservation road reserve areas under the following conditions:

  1. Wood can only be collected between 1 April – 30 September each year;
  2. No wood is allowed to be collected in medium and high conversation areas marked in RED on the Roadside Conservation Map;
  3. Only fallen dead wood from road reserves can be collected;
  4. No standing timber (dead or alive) can be collected;
  5. No wood from Travelling Stock Routes or Crown Land Reserves can be collected;
  6. Only the permit holder has permission to collect wood and must be present during wood collection.  The permit is not valid for any other persons;
  7. Wood collected must be for residential use only;
  8. Wood collected cannot be sold to other parties;
  9. A maximum of 6 tonnes of wood per permit is allowed to be collected;
  10. People must not park vehicles or collect firewood within 6 metres of the traffic lane of a road;
  11. People using a chainsaw must be competent in its use and wear protective boots.  It is also recommended that people wear a safety helmet, hearing protection, cut-resistant leg protection trousers or chaps and have access to a first aid kit;
  12. Chainsaws must be fitted with a chain brake and anti-vibration mounts and be properly maintained;
  13. Children under 12 years of age must be supervised by second adult when a chain saw is in operation;
  14. The permit holder must be present and carry a copy of the permit and the Roadside Conservation Map when collecting wood.

Permit holders in breach of the conditions on their permit will be subject to compliance action by Council, including fines and/or prosecution.  In addition, their permit will be immediately revoked and they will be ineligible for any further permits for the next 5 seasons (i.e. 5 years).

A permit fee is applicable.

To apply for a permit, residents must complete the application form and show proof that they reside in the Federation Council area (i.e. drivers licence).  Applicants must certify on the application that they will abide by the permit conditions and acknowledge that Council is not liable for any injuries to persons, or any loss or damage to property arising from the firewood collection activities.

Residents will need to apply for a permit each firewood season (i.e. each year).

There are significant penalties in place for persons who do not obtain a permit to collect firewood from Council’s road reserves.  Maximum penalty is $2,200 and on-the-spot fines of $220 can be issued.  Keep a copy of your permit with you at all times to avoid being issued with a fine.