Importance of Roadside Vegetation

In many cases, roadside vegetation is the last remaining examples of what our country once looked like prior to extensive land clearing.  Road reserves provide important habitat and corridors for native flora and fauna.  They also help to maintain biological diversity. 

Road reserves in the council area support threatened species such as the Grey Crowned Babler, Apostle Bird, Superb Parrot and gliders.  Reptiles, small mammals and the majority of our plant specifies occur on roadsides. 

Dead trees – especially those that contain hollows, are vital in providing perching roosts and places for animals to nest.  Fallen timbers is an essential home for native animals; it also plays an essential role in forest and woodland nutrient cycles.

Collecting firewood isn’t just ‘cleaning up’ the bush – it has serious ecological consequences.

Degradation to roadside vegetation that occurs with the removal or large quantities of timber for firewood has the potential to decimate natural ecosystems and communities that may never be recovered.

Please respect the importance of roadside vegetation in supporting an amazing diversity of native plants and animals by not collecting firewood from these areas.