Performance Standards

The Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 specifies that an on-site sewage management system must be operated in accordance with the following performance standards:

  • The prevention of the spread of disease micro-organisms;
  • The prevention of the spread of foul odours;
  • The prevention of the contamination of water;
  • The prevention of the degradation of soil and vegetation;
  • The discouragement of insects and vermin;
  • Ensuring that persons do not come in contact with untreated sewage or effluent (whether treated or not) in their ordinary activities on the premises concerned; and
  • The minimisation of any adverse impacts on the amenity of the premises and surrounding lands.

Council staff will use these performance standards to assess the level of compliance of on-site sewage management systems when assessing new installations and conducting inspections of existing systems.  Where a system is not meeting the above performance standards, it will be classified as a ‘failed system’ and rectification works or upgrades will be required to bring it up to compliance. Council has a number of statutory tools to achieve compliance, including Notices/Orders and on-the-spot fines.