What is On-Site Sewage Management?

If you own or rent a house that is not connected to the reticulated sewerage system (the sewer) you will have an on-site sewage management system located on your property accepting, treating and dispersing the wastewater from your home within the confines of your land.

On-site sewage management systems include:

  • Septic tanks;
  • Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (AWTS);
  • Holding tanks with pump out;
  • Wet composting toilet;
  • Grey water treatment systems;
  • Absorption trenches / evapotranspiration beds; and
  • Mounds and surface or subsurface irrigation areas.

On-site sewage management systems dispose of all wastewater within the property, therefore it is important that owners and occupants area aware of methods to effectively operate their system to prevent any health or environmental problems.