Inspections & Fees

Council has a duty to monitor the performance of existing systems and take action in relation to failing systems which pose a public health or environmental risk.  A risk-based inspection program will be implemented by Council over the next three (3) years (i.e. 2019 – 2021).  All systems will be initially evaluated and given a risk rating based its performance, location, design and the local features of the land.

Systems will then be inspected at an ongoing basis at frequency proportionate to their risk as outlined in the table below.  The Approval to Operate will also be issued in accordance with the risk posed by the sewage system.

Risk rating

Frequency of Inspections

Approval to Operate Expires


Every 2 years

2 years after issue


Every 5 years

5 years after issue


Every 10 years

10 years after issue



  • Owners of properties that have an on-site sewage management system will be charged a minimal fee on their Rates Notice to cover the cost for Council to manage and implement this program.  The fee will commence from 1st July 2019. 
  • An application fee for an Approval to Install, Construct or Alter is applicable.  However, no application fee will apply for an Approval to Operate during the first three (3) years while Council is rolling out this new strategy.  Fees for an Approval to Operate will commence from 1st July 2021. 
  • A fee will be applicable for the inspection of medium and high risk sewage systems.  No fee is applicable for the inspection of low risk systems. 

Refer to Council’s Revenue Policy for more information about applicable fees.