Mobile and temporary food businesses

Mobile and temporary food businesses are also required to notify Council that they are operating and must meet the same requirements as fixed premises.   To notify Federation Council that you are operating a food business, complete the Food Business Registration Form and return it to Council.

If your mobile or temporary food business is registered with another NSW Council and you have had a food safety inspection from your home Council within the last 12 months, you will not be subject to another food safety inspection by Federation Council.  However, you MUST have available and be able to provide a copy of your food safety inspection report that was completed within the last 12 months upon inspection by Federation Council.

You can operate your food van at events and markets with approval from the events and market organisers.  You can also operate on private land (i.e. car park of a private business or vacant land) with the permission of the land owner.  However Federation Council does not provide approvals to operate on public land (i.e. parks, reserves, roadways etc.).

Refer to NSW Food Authority’s Guidelines for Food Businesses at Temporary Events for considerations for hand washing facilities, waste water disposal and temperature control at temporary food stalls.

Download the food business registration form from the bottom of this page.

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