Miki City Advisory Committee

What does the Miki City Advisory Committee do?

The purpose of the Miki City Advisory Committee is to provide Federation Council with strategic advice and support on ways and means to enhance the sister city relationship between Miki City and the Federation Council.

This includes assisting with the implementation of the Miki City Exchange Program and making recommendations to Council on how to best allocate budgeted funds to assist in supporting the Miki City relationship.

Role of the Miki City Advisory Committee

Miki City Advisory Committee members are in general expected to:

  • Attend and participate in meetings for the Miki City Advisory Committee.
  • Provide ideas and suggestions and work with Council to develop an itinerary for when the Japanese delegates visit the Federation Council.
  • Advise of opportunities for the community and schools to be involved.
  • Help Council to promote and secure host families / individuals for the Japanese delegates during their visit.
  • Assist Council to promote to local residents and school children the opportunity to visit Japan and experience a home stay.
  • Consider acting as a chaperone for young people from the Federation Council when in Japan.

When does the Miki City Advisory Committee meet?

The inaugural meeting of the Miki City Advisory Committee is scheduled for July 2020.

Members can join face to face or via video conferencing.

Who are members of this committee? 

The Miki City Advisory Committee is made up of residents of the Federation Council who have an association or understanding of the sister city relationship between Council and Miki City.

The 2020 / 2021 members are:

  • Dylan Forge
  • Gary Poidevin
  • Imogen Letchford
  • Sharon Letchford
  • Sharyn Bridges
  • Talana Lane

Council delegate, Councillor Gail Law.

Current Membership Vacancies 

The committee currently has three vacant membership positions.

If you would like to discuss a matter with the Miki City Advisory Committee, please contact Council.

Download the Miki City Terms of Reference, Committee Position Description and Nomination Form (Word accessible) from this page or complete the online Nomination Form below.

Click here to view form.