Modification of Consent

If you need to make changes to a development application after Council has given consent, an application may be required. The type of application needed depends on what sort of changes you want to make and how they will affect the original development application.

  • To correct a minor error, an incorrect description or miscalculation, a section 96(1) application is required.
  • For minimal environmental impact changes, a section 96(1A) application is required.
  • To modify the consent in other ways (eg. due to design changes) evidence needs to be provided that the development will be substantially the same, with a section 96(2) application.
  • To modify a consent handed down by the Land and Environment Court, a section 96AA(1) application is required.

The same application form, which can be downloaded below, can be used for all of the above scenarios provided the correct section is clearly marked with appropriate details.

Application requirements

A section 96 application needs to include:

  • the completed application form,
  • payment of appropriate fees, and
  • supporting documentation.

Additional information may still be required or requested by Council's Planning & Environment team.


Modification of Consent Application Form(PDF, 864KB)

Request a meeting/inspection with a member of Planning and Environment team