Plumbing Approval

Plumbing and drainage work approval

Council approval is required if you are planning to connect or disconnect from any of Council’s sewer, stormwater or water systems or if you intend to carry out work, which may affect its systems. This includes any major or minor works, such as plumbing and drainage works involved with minor alterations, renovations, additions or the relocation of an existing drainage line. Council approval is also required for plumbing work carried out on properties connected to On-site Waste Management Systems (Septic Systems).

Approval is required under section 68 of the Local Government Act to carry out plumbing works in connection with the following, whether in association or not with any other works or development approved by Council:

  • Carry out water supply work (B1),
  • Carry out sewerage work (B4), 
  • Carry out stormwater drainage work (B5).

This work must be undertaken by a licensed plumber and be inspected by a Council Officer.

To obtain approval to undertake work, the owner of a property must complete and submit the completed application form to Council, together with the prescribed fees and associated plans and documents outlined in the application form. Once approval is granted for the requested work an approval notice will be issued together with a number of conditions specific to the work being proposed. 


Application Form(PDF, 890KB)

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