Local Government Act Section 68 Approval

Section 68 of the Local Government Act sets out a range of activities that require additional Council approval separate to the development application. These are listed as follows:
  • installing a manufactured home, moveable dwelling or associated structure on land,
  • installing a temporary structure on land,  

Water supply, sewerage and stormwater drainage work

  • carrying out water supply work,
  • drawing water from a Council water supply or a standpipe or selling water drawn,
  • installing, altering, disconnecting or removing a meter connected to a service pipe,
  • carrying out sewerage work,
  • carrying out stormwater drainage work,
  • connecting a private drain or sewer with a public drain or sewer under the control of Council or with a drain or sewer, which connects to a public drain or sewer,

Management of waste

  • for fee or reward, transporting waste over or under a public place,
  • placing waste in a public place,
  • placing a waste storage container in a public place,
  • disposing of waste into a Council sewer,
  • installing, constructing or altering a waste treatment device or a human waste storage facility or a drain connected to any such device or facility,

Public roads

  • swinging or hoisting goods across or over any part of a public road by means of a lift, hoist or tackle projecting over the footway,

Other Activities

  • operating a public car park,
  • operating a caravan park or camping ground,
  • operating a manufactured home estate,
  • installing a domestic oil or solid fuel heating(PDF, 647KB) appliance, other than a portable appliance,
  • installing or operating amusement devices (within the meaning of the Construction Safety Act 1912),
  • installing or operating amusement devices prescribed by the regulations under the Local Government Act 1993 in premises,
  • operating an undertaker's business,
  • operating a mortuary, and
  • carrying out an activity prescribed by the regulations under the Local Government Act 1993 or an activity of a class or description so prescribed.


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