Construction Certificate

A Construction Certificate is the approval required to undertake building/construction work and must be obtained before work commences. It certifies that the construction plans and specifications for the development are consistent with the approved development consent and comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

You can apply for a development application, construction certificate and plumbing approval at the same time, as long as you have detailed construction and engineering drawings to lodge with the application.

Construction certificates cannot be issued retrospective of the work and penalties for unapproved building work may be applied.

A construction certificate is not required for work that meets the standards for complying development or exempt development under the SEPP (State Environmental Planning Policy).

A construction certificate application must include:

1. Completed application form
2. Three copies of the plans - plans must be legible and high quality to enable scanning (A4 or A3 size plans drawn to scale are preferred, for larger developments A1 or A2 may be required). The plans should include:

  • Locality Plan,
  • Site Plan (indicating all levels, existing structures & vegetation, nearest cross roads & a north point),
  • Floor plan (existing and proposed shown separately),
  • Elevations (labelled according to orientation i.e. North, South, East & West) and clearly demonstrate the works proposed,
  • BASIX Certificate (BASIX Commitments must also be identified on plans) required for new residences, alterations and additions to residences over $50,000 and swimming pools with a capacity greater than 40,000L,
  • Sectional Plans (indicating detailed construction),
  • Specifications Structural or Civil Engineering Drawings, and
  • Other relevant documents (soil test, engineers computations, wind rating).

Note: If construction certificate plans are prepared before any planning issues are resolved (i.e. before development consent is obtained) plans may have to be redrawn to comply with the development consent before a construction certificate can be issued and may result in additional time and cost to you.

Construction certificate fees are payable at time of application lodgement.


Application Form(PDF, 890KB)

Appointment of Principal Certifying Authority Form(PDF, 233KB)

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