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 A central customer service system is used to lodge requests and report issues identified by residents.

Find out how to lodge a request or report an issue 

To investigate your concern, Council will need the following information:

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Contact phone number
  • Nature of the concern
  • Address/location of the problem

Council staff may need to contact you to clarify or seek further information about the problem.  Council will only act upon anonymous complaints where the matter is considered a serious public health or safety risk and immediate action may be required.

In relation to complaints about excessive noise, it assists the Council Officer investigating your concern to understand how long the problem has been happening for and the pattern of how often it happens (e.g. the noise starts at approximately 8.00pm in the evening and lasts for 2 hours. It occurs every weekday and has been happening for the last 3 weeks).

Try to Resolve a Problem through Mediation

Prior to lodging a customer request with the Council, we encourage you to consider contacting your neighbour to discuss the problem and negotiate an appropriate informal resolution.

If this approach is not successful and where the problem is recurring, you may, depending on the circumstances, consider contacting a Community Justice Centre on 1800 990 777. This is a government funded organisation that specialises in settling differences between neighbours without getting into complicated legal processes. Community Justice Centres have achieved high success rates.

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