Long Grass, Untidy Properties, Vermin and Pests

Long Grass

Council often receives customer requests in relation to overgrown properties during periods of increased rainfall and sunshine which encourages rapid growth of vegetation.  Overgrown properties can be unsafe or unhealthy and may harbour rats and mice.

Council will respond to customer requests about overgrown properties in built up urbans areas, villages and industrial and business areas.  Council officers will inspect the property to ascertain whether it poses an unsafe or unhealthy condition and may initiate regulatory action.

Not all residents have the desire to keep properties in a park like condition and this should be taken into consideration before lodging a customer request with Council.

Some properties may be considered untidy, but untidy does not necessarily mean that the property is in an unsafe or unhealthy condition and in need of Council intervention.

Council will not respond to customer requests in relation to potential fire risk of overgrown vegetation in rural areas, these requests should be directed to NSW Rural Bushfire Service.

Contact Council to report an overgrown property.

Untidy properties

Council will only take action in relation to untidy properties where is has become a public health or safety risk (i.e. attraction of rats and mice or dilapidated buildings). 

Ideas about whether a property appears untidy can vastly differ from person to person.  A property that is considered unsightly or untidy to some may not be a health or safety risk.

A hoarding situation is particularly challenging and complex issue that Council is not resourced to intervene and can only take action in relation to public health or safety risks.

If you are concerned about a particular property, contact Council and Council officers will assess the situation.

Vermin and Pests

There are a number of vermin and pests that share our environment, the commonly complained about ones are rats and mice.  Council officers investigate complaints about vermin and pests and can advise or direct land owners and occupiers to implement appropriate measures to address concerns.

Any infestation involving private land is the responsibility of the land owner or occupier to control by engaging the services of a licensed pest controller.  Council officers can issue Orders on the owner or occupier of any land which is deemed in an unsafe or unhealthy conditions, this includes:

  • Infestations of vermin; and
  • Attraction of vermin to the area through accumulation of garbage, stored excess household items, overgrown vegetation and the like.

Council officers will generally require evidence of rat and mice activity before taking any action.  This includes:

  • sightings of rats and mice.
  • presence of droppings.
  • burrow holes around buildings.
  • gnawing or chew marks on wood, soft metals, plastic, conduits and cables.
  • squeaking, gnawing or movement noises in the walls, cupboards, ceiling or sub floor areas.