Entertaining can pose food safety challenges:

  • Guests often bring food to share which means food can be out of the fridge for several hours
  • Many people prepare food well ahead of the event, for some foods need to be carefully chilled, refrigerated and reheated safely
  • You can quickly run out of room in your fridge to store all the food

To avoid poisoning your guests:

  • Avoid temperature abuse – keep hot food hot and cold food cold.
  • Cool food quickly if you prepare ahead of time and cool it in the fridge, not on the kitchen bench.
  • Thaw any frozen food correctly in the fridge in advance or in the microwave.
  • Keep food in the fridge covered and protected.
  • Bring in an extra fridge or use eskies with ice to store excess drinks to make room in the fridge for the food.
  • Keep raw meat and poultry separate from ready to eat foods (salads, vegetable dishes and desserts).
  • Employ good hygiene practices – wash your hands.
  • Don’t prepare food if you’ve been sick with vomiting or diarrhoea in the last few days.
  • Cook mince meat patties and poultry thoroughly – no pink in the middle.
  • Don’t leave nibbles and platters with perishable foods (i.e. soft cheese, dips etc) out for long.