Takeaway and Eating Out

It can be hard to tell which businesses employ safe food handling practices from the customer’s perspective.  Here are some tips to help you choose the right place to eat out:

  • Stand back and watch the staff for a few minutes and see how they handle food
  • Are staff wearing gloves or using tongs to handle and prepare ready to eat foods (i.e. salads, sandwiches)?
  • Are staff changing gloves and washing their hands after handling money?
  • Are staff well-groomed and wearing clean clothes?  Is there hair pulled back and out of the way?
  • Does the place look clean and tidy?
  • Are pre-made sandwiches and salads kept in a refrigerated cabinet?
  • Are pre-made hot dishes, pies and sausage rolls kept in a hot-holding cabinet (i.e. Bain Marie)?
  • If you can see the kitchen, does it look clean and tidy?

If you are concerned about the food handling practices of a local restaurant, café or takeaway food business, contact Council and lodge a complaint. The Environmental Health Officer will inspect the business and address any concerns.